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Hurtigruten in Stamsund, Lofoten

New pictures: MS Richard With, MS Polarlys

Hurtigruten is the name of the Norwegian passenger and freight line, also known internationally as the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. The fleet consists of 11 ships sailing the coast of Norway every day, from Bergen to Kirkenes, while visiting 34 cities and villages along the coast. Completing the whole roundtrip journey takes 11 days, and each port has a call from Hurtigruten twice a day.

Since the year 1893, Hurtigruten have sailed along the Norwegian coast and have become a necessity for the population. It started 120 years ago with the steamship Vesteraalen that sailed from Trondheim to Hammerfest, once a week. The man who founded it all, Richard With, was also the captain on the first voyage. Since then, the company and the ships have evolved enormously, and is often referred to as the world's most beautiful voyage.

Transportation of passengers and cargo is mainly Hurtigruten's task, but tourism has become a big part of the operation, and Hurtigruten have offices in both the homeland and abroad, and a 12th ship serving as a cruise ship that mainly sails abroad. Theme tours, roundtrip journeys, culture and international cruises to Antarctica and Svalbard is part of what is offered.

As a public transport Hurtigruten receives a annual state aid and is covered by the EEA-area's competition rules. This means that the operation must be out on open tenders on a regular basis, where everyone in the EEA may participate and compete for the operation.

Hopefully we will see a positive development of Hurtigruten and that our national treasure remains a Norwegian product. And after 118 years, there is one thing Hurtigruten really have, in a much greater extent than any other tourism product, and that is interest, involvement and affiliation with the people along the coast.